BOSCH T 7-Gallon Electric Water Heater Review – Determine If It Suits Your Needs

BOSCH T ES8 7-Gallon Electric Water Heater

For many of us, a water heating system that provides hot water quickly at point-of-use is a necessity. One product available in the market is the Bosch T7 water heater. Founded in Stuttgart, Germany, Bosch Thermotechnology is known to offer high quality water heating and comfort heating systems. Now, let us have a look at some of the features of the small tank heater.

The Bosch point-of-use water heater comes in three different sizes: 2.7, 4 and 7 gallons. The smallest model is ideal for small clean ups such as washing hands or doing a quick rinse of a few dishes or pots. It will easily fit under a bathroom or kitchen sink. Equipped with a larger capacity tank, the 4 gallon size Bosch ES4 is plenty for various hot water needs.

Both the ES2.5 and ES4 models are designed to be installed under the sink. Coming with an internal mini tank, they are not meant for continuous hot water use. That said, for families who want a compact, lightweight, space saving hot water system, the two models can be a great solution. For a secondary shower or the like, the largest model will do the trick.

In terms of power source requirements, all the heaters draw a fair amount of power (1440 Watts at 120 VAC for each model). Temperature range is 65 – 145 °F. Default setting is 125 °F. Located on the front cover is a rotating knob that allows for easy temperature adjustment. Recovery rate is almost 7 gallons per hour for all models. The two smaller models are 120VAC wall plug in. Installation is fairly simple with no significant plumbing work.

The seven gallon version ES8 is a hard wire item so be sure to have it installed by someone who does electrical work. It needs to be wired with 12 GA wire to a 20 amp branch circuit. Unlike the 2.7 and the 4 gallon models that must be installed upright, it can be installed horizontally with the piping connections on the right side or vertically with the piping connections on top. Cold water inlet and hot water outlet hook up with 3/4 NPT male connections. The smaller models come with 1/2″ male connections.

Measuring 17.5 W x 17.5 H x 14.5 D, the 7 gallon mini-tank ES8 is not a tiny instant water heating system. It is designed to supply up to 2 sinks at a time. At 29.5 lbs (do not forget the extra weight of 7 gallons of water), the ES8 is a heavy electric mini-tank so be sure to provide a firm foundation for your unit. However, it provides more than enough hot water for a quick shower.

The ES8 Tronic 3000 T has received some very positive feedback from its customers at There are less expensive solutions when it comes to point-of-use water heater. That said, Bosch is a name that denotes quality and based on the customer reviews this point-of-use water heater holds up to that.

Equipped with a glass-lined insulated tank, the Bosch ES8 seems to be efficient at maintaining heat. This translates to energy saving. To protect the tank against corrosion, anoda rod (8¼” length) is built into the system. Like the rest of the Bosch Tronic 3000 T Series, there is a temperature/pressure relief valve on the heater to keep the tank from exploding when the temperature/pressure gets too high.

Whether you have a need for a stand-alone heater or a booster for your main hot water supply, the Tronic 3000 T from Bosch can be a nice answer. It does not appear to have a drain valve. It would have been better if there was an easy way to drain the water out of it. That said, the price point is very reasonable for a mini-tank water heater and the majority of the reviewers seem to be quite pleased with the performance.

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