Eemax EMT2.5 Electric Mini-Tank Water Heater Review

Eemax EMT2.5 2.5-Gallon Electric Mini-Tank

If you are in the market for a mini water heater which is easy to install and use, the Eemax EMT2.5 is one to consider. The 2.5 gallon mini tank is designed to deliver hot water efficiently by heating and storing at the point of use. No need to deal with recirculating lines and pumps. As the tank only holds 2.5 gallons of hot water, it will work well for low-demand applications but not for a shower. You can install one in the kitchen for dishes. A point-of-use hot water heater also makes a great companion to a bathroom which is a long way from the central water heater. Now let’s take a look at this product in more detail.

The Eemax EMT2.5 uses electricity to heat water. Running on safe electricity, no venting required or carbon monoxide danger. It plugs into a standard 110 volt outlet. Pulling 12A, the 2.5 gallon water heater is a 1440W unit. With a single 1440 watt heating element, this on-demand heater is an option for your cottage or boat. It has on/off switch for ease of maintenance and safety.

To control water temperature, this water heater is supplied with an adjustable thermostat. Increasing or decreasing the temperature is performed by turning the temperature adjusting knob clockwise or counter clockwise. Once set, it will automatically control water temperature. Temperature range on this unit is from 50° F to 140°F. You can conserve energy and thus utility bill by reducing the water temperature setting. 105 degrees F is satisfactory for a warm hand wash.

The Eemax under sink water heater is also equipped with a high limit temperature switch. The safety switch will shut the water heater down when water temperatures
exceed 190F. It prevents over heating in the event of a thermostat failure. As you know, water can pose a safety hazard when heated to 140 degrees F. The 2.5-gallon electric mini-tank has maximum operating pressure of 150 PSI. A temperature/pressure relief valve is supplied with the unit to release pressure buildup in the water heater when there is an abnormal condition in the system. This prevents a possible explosion.

This compact hot water heating system measures 14-1/2″H x 11-3/4″W x 10-3/8″D. This permits installation in a limited-space area. Weighing around 20 lbs, it can be mounted to the wall. A mounting bracket is included for wall hanging. It can also be set right on the floor. The water heater connections are for 1/2″ NPT.

The glass-lined tank minimizes heat loss. It is equipped with an anode rod made of aluminium for rust protection. Aluminium and magnesium are two metals that are often utilized to protect heaters’ tanks from a harmful electrolytic process that cause most metal to rust or corrode. Magnesium is considered better than aluminium for a number of reasons. Aluminium corrodes more slowly. Further, unlike alumunium, dissolved magnesium in water offer health benefits. However, aluminum rods are less expensive.

Eemax Mini tank is actually available in four models: 1.3 gallon, 2.5 gallon, 4 gallon and 6 gallon. This 2.5 gallon heater is designed for 1 sink. The one with 4 gallon capacity is approprate for 2 sinks. The 6 gallon model can supply 2 or more sinks at a time. Before deciding which one to purchase, consider the location where the unit will be installed. While the 2.5 model can fit under most sinks, the Eemax EMT6 may be too large to go under your sink.

Since the EMT2.5 is installed right under a sink, it eliminates long waits for hot water. This also means no more wasted water. By providing instant hot water at the tap, it is a great way to save water and money. With 99% thermal efficiency rating, 99 percent of the energy used to heat the water. The heater can also be installed in-line with a larger hot water source. This will come in handy when you need more volume but do not want to wait to get hot water.

The Eemax 2.5 gallon electric water heater has received some very positive feedback from its customers at It is currently rated 4.0/5 stars. A number of reviewers had problems with their unit leaking. Further, there is no drain plug. You may need to tilt the heater to drain remaining water out of it. Like any other product, the Eemax EMT2.5 is not completely flawless. However, most of the reviewers have reported that the heater works as expected. It does a good job and the price point seems agreeable to the majority.