Here Is What You Should Know About The Bosch GL4S Ariston Mini-Tank Water Heater

Bosch GL4S Ariston 4-Gallon Point-of-Use Indoor Electric Mini-Tank Water Heater

Do you have a need for a mini-tank water heater for small use? If so, the Bosch GL4S Ariston is one product to consider. It would provide you with almost instant hot water for a quick hand wash or dish rinse. In this review, we will look at some of the features that come with this product.

With a capacity of 4 gallons, the Bosch GL4S is barely enough for a shower. That being said, it has several possible uses. If you feel that it takes a very long time to get hot water in the kitchen sink, this indoor water heating system can be a nice solution. It can be installed independently or in-line with a large hot water source.

The GL4S Ariston is 13.5″ deep while the model GL4 is only 12.25″ deep. Unlike the GL6+S, this electric mini-tank water heater must be installed upright. However, the majority of reviewers have reported that this unit is still easy to handle and install. At 17 pounds, it can be mounted on the wall or under a cabinet. Some people let the heater simply sit on the floor.

Since it only draws 12.5 amps, it can be plugged into standard wall outlet. Some people have bought more than one unit to provide instant hot water at different faucets. Just keep in mind that the 1500W water heating system requires a dedicated 15A circuit to operate. Furthermore, this unit is not designed to be installed outdoors.

Recovery rate is 7 gallons per hour at a 90 degree Fahrenheit rise. Temperature range on this electric water heater is from 65° F to 145°F. There is a dial to adjust the water temperature. No need to remove covers to access the thermostat. This is an improvement over the previous model.

The tank is protected against the corrosive effects of hot water by glass lining. With hard water, it is recommended to change the anode every year to prevent degradation of the tank. The temperature and pressure (T&P) relief valve enhances your safety. The valve opens if the pressure in the tank reaches 150 psi or when the temperature in the tank gets too high.

Bosch is the parent company of Ariston. The company has a long history and provides its customers with good warranty. This unit comes with a manufacturer’s 6-year limited warranty for the heat exchanger and a 1-year limited warranty for parts. So far, the Bosch GL4S Ariston has received some very positive feedback from its customers at It is currently rated 4.3/5 stars at this time of writing.

When it comes to performance, many people have reported that it heats up fast. It supplies adequate hot water for washing dishes and hands. Clearly, it does the job.
Of course, if you are planning to use this unit to provide a lot of hot water, then this is not for you.

The reviewers have also found the mini-water heater to be very easy to install and hookup. No hard wiring needed. More than that, it has also proven to consume very little energy. The external thermostat control is another plus point of the Ariston point of use water heater. It is also worth mentioning that the Bosch GL4S meets ASHRAE 90.1 standard.

For those of you who are looking for a way to provide hot water quicker to the faucet, give it a try! This would be a good investment to save water and energy. At least, some reviewers have reported that they did not notice a huge change in their electric bill.

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